Shalamar Nursing College

Post Basic Diploma in Pediatric Nursing

(1-year Program)

Pediatric Nursing must focus on primary secondary and tertiary management of the patients this requires pediatric nurse to acquire an advanced and sophisticated knowledge regarding Pathophysiology, Psychosocial and technological aspects Pediatric nursing. This is a one year program which is fully recognized by The Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) and Nursing Examination Board, Punjab (NEBP). The examinations are conducted by The NEBP upon the successful completion of one year Academic and Clinical Training.

Aims & Objectives of the Course:

The aims and objectives of the course are to prepare competent nurses who will:

  • Implement their knowledge and skills within the changing context of practice; the pediatric Nurse needs to be highly analytical and reflective in order to provide appropriate care to the patients their families and significant others
  • Provide safe competent, holistic cost effective, preventive, curative patient care in individual family and community
  • Provide an advanced educational knowledge which will develop the student’s intellectual and imaginative abilities in order to facilitate the development of independent judgment and decision making and problem-solving.
  • Be skilled in all aspects of Critical Care Nursing by improving physical, social, emotional and intellectual well being of the patient
  • Be able to recognize the individual needs of critically ill pediatric patients.

Program Details

Sr. No



Review of Anatomy & Physiology


Pediatric Nursing




Nursing Process & Documentation


Nursing Research


Leadership & Management


Computer Skills


Social Sciences


The SNC disburses merit Scholarships to students showing outstanding performance in the examinations held by the University of Health Sciences Lahore. The scholarships shall only be for positions obtained at the University level amongst all the institutions affiliated with the University of Health Sciences Lahore. Scholarships shall be awarded to the students receiving first, second and third positions in the University Examinations amongst all the participating students. Scholarships will be awarded one year and reviewed after the subsequent professional examination.

Student Transfer/Withdrawal Policy

As a matter of policy, students are relieved during the course or the compulsory service. However, suppose any student after admission to POST (RN) & POST BASIC diploma programs decides to withdraw voluntarily from the college before mandatory service. In that case, they compulsory will have to pay the fees for the remaining period of the course a penalty. However, no payment shall be refunded if a student leaves the college one month after commencement of classes.
The credits earned in the parent institution by a student seeking migration into an affiliated/ constituent institution or department of the university shall be equated by the migration/ equivalence committee. The equated credits shall be considered for determining their eligibility to take the year-end university Examination.

Students who wish to transfer to our school from another institution can be accepted with the following conditions:
• NOC from the previous institution within the Punjab province only
• Official transcript of the record of passed subjects taken from 1st to 2nd year
• Payment of required fees to UHS and PNC