Shalamar Nursing College

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Shalamar Nursing College (SNC)

Our Mission

Shalamar Nursing College aims to equip its students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to become ideal healthcare providers.

Our Vision

Shalamar Nursing College will be a leading institution in nursing education and shall be known for promoting the spirit of life-long learning and compassionate healthcare. It shall be integrating research, education, and clinical care to produce nursing graduates and specialized nurses who can provide quality healthcare services to the community with compassion and care.

Job placement of SNC Graduates

● 325 international placements
● 121 placement in Shalamar Hospital
● 214 placements in other Pakistani Hospitals/Institutes


• Pakistan Nursing Council
• University of Health Sciences Lahore
• Higher Education Commission
• Nursing Examination Board Punjab
• MAHSA University of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
• Post Graduate College of Nursing
• Human Development Foundation


No. of Current Student Nurses:- 266 (Female) & 26 (Male) 426(BSN) + 234(BSN Post RN) = 660 Graduates to date

Positions UHS Exam 2023

SNC graduates secured 5 top score positions in UHS Annual Examination 2023

Partnership Programs

4-year partnership programs with MAHSA University, Malaysia ● Training programs for faculty and staff ● Virtual teaching classes ● Research collaboration ● Student and faculty exchange programs ● Curriculum development


Training programs for faculty and staff


Virtual teaching classes


Research Collaborations

Exchange Programmes

Student and faculty exchange programs

Curriculum Development

Focusing on technical skills